What we do

Peace House Foundation

Dedicated to educating Africa’s orphans

About Peace House Foundation

In the spirit of giving hope, Peace House Foundation (PHF) is dedicated to educating Africa’s orphans and vulnerable children in a nurturing environment within their homeland.

PHF is a non-profit organization based in Minnesota working to help children who have been affected by the AIDS pandemic in East Africa.

We are currently supporting several projects in Tanzania. We believe in working in three areas to best help children in need:

  1. We work with communities which strive to keep their children in the community, even when they have been orphaned. Fukeni Village, on the side of Mount Kilimanjaro, is an excellent example of this situation. The villagers are working very hard to keep their children in the village by joining together to gather resources to allow the children to stay in the community.
  2. We work with existing institutions in Tanzania which meet our standards of high-quality care for orphans. Amani Children’s Home in Moshi is one such program. Currently home to over 60 children, Amani is deliberate in their plans to care for, educate, and, whenever possible, reunite orphans with extended families.
  3. Finally, we are excited to be planning a high-quality secondary boarding school which will meet the needs of orphaned and vulnerable teens by not only providing them with an outstanding education, but also with a place to live where they will be cared for, nurtured, and taught skills of daily living – skills they normally would have learned from watching their parents.

We welcome inquiries about our work in Tanzania, and expect to expand our interests in the future.